Business Proposal, Brochure Design – 12 Pages


A business proposal is defined as the written document that a person or business writes to a prospective buyer in order to sell a product or services to them. The one sending the business proposal is a seller looking for a buyer.

– Business proposals are written in order to offer solutions to the problems faced by prospective customers.
– Business proposals enable businesses to sell their products or services.
– A business proposal is one of the most effective tools that can be used by a person or business to sell a product or services.
– Business proposals help businesses to compete without even needing to send marketers or representatives to physically go to the prospective customers to pitch or to try and sell their products or services.
– The business proposal, if written very well would on its own be able to do all the promotion and selling.
– Business proposals help buyers to get the exact products or services that they want.

Design your business proposal to a high standard and make it stand out from others to increase your changes to sell your products or services.


  • You will get professionally designed business proposal in PDF format up to 12 pages.
  • Print ready PDF (CMYK) and smaller file size PDF (RGB) for digital distribution will be included.

If you need any other format, please contact before placing an order.

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